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Tihana Gržetić Beljan

Permanent court interpreter for English language
English translator Tihana Gržetić Beljan
English translator Tihana Gržetić Beljan

Tihana Gržetić Beljan

Permanent court interpreter for English language
More than 15 years of experience
High quality of translations


The importance of a quality English translator

Your business success largely depends on the quality of your business communication in English. It may also be the key to your business success, therefore, the quality of a translation should not be neglected.

Thanks to my many years of experience as an English translator and my professional approach with respect to deadlines, you can be sure that you are in the right place. Here you can find everything you need for effective and professional business communication.

Certified translations
As a court interpreter for the English language, I make certified translations of various documents
You need a court interpreter and a certified translation when translating documents used for official purposes.
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Legal translations
Translations of lawsuits and appeals, land registry excerpts, certified translations of documents...
Legal translations refer to the translations of documents regulating legal relations, documents required for the application of various types of international relations and the exchange of information.
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Translations of business texts
Translation of tender documents, promotional materials, business plans, meetings...
Translations of business texts are particularly important for companies expanding their business and entrepreneurship into new markets.
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Proofreading and reviewing
Proofreading and reviewing lead to a flawless, high quality document...
Proofreading and reviewing are the important steps before publishing your written content. Such content has to be grammatically, stylistically and orthographically perfect.
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Consecutive interpreting, simultaneous interpreting, whispered interpreting...
Depending on the situation, interpretation may be consecutive, simultaneous or whispered.
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Transparent prices of translation and proofreading services

Clients about me

Professional English translator

I am a professional English translator who has also graduated in law and worked in the judiciary system for nine years, and I am fully familiar with all legal terminology, which gives the additional precision to the translation of the original document. My specialty is writing or translating lawsuits and pleadings from Croatian into English and from English into Croatian for the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, which is entrusted to me by many law firms.

I believe that an English translator should have a deep understanding of language, grammar and cultural nuances. This is important in order to effectively convey the meaning between the English language and the Croatian language. In addition to translation techniques, a quality English translator should be versatile in understanding context and cultural aspects. This is important so that the translation to or from English preserves the tone of the original text.

A professional English translator plays an important role in maintaining international communication and facilitating the exchange of information between different cultures and language communities. Our job is not only to transfer words from one language to another, but also to preserve the subtleties, style and cultural nuances found in the original text.

A professional English translator should have a higher education in the field of language, literature, linguistics or related disciplines. In addition, some translators specialize in certain fields, like me in the field of law, in order to provide even more precise and professional translations.

The ability to understand and translate between English and Croatian is not just a technical skill. It is also a skill that requires a deep understanding of the culture of the language being translated from and the culture of the target audience. A quality English translator should be sensitive to cultural differences, as this is extremely important for preserving the meaning and context of the original text.

Likewise, in my job it is important to keep the secrecy and confidentiality of information, and I take exceptional care of this. When it comes to deadlines, I believe that it is necessary to be fast and efficient, but without losing the quality of the translation.

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If you need a fast and high-quality English translator, with easy online communication and cooperation, feel free to contact me at tihana.grzetic@gmail.com, phone +385 91 588 1704 or via the form below.

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