Depending on the situation, interpretation may be consecutive, simultaneous or whispered. In order to make interpreting the best as possible, all the external influences that may have a negative impact on the interpretation process should be eliminated. The interpreter has to be provided with the necessary working materials regarding topic and vocabulary, so the he or she can be properly prepared and avoid possible complications.

Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is most commonly used when it comes to a small number of people (meeting with a notary or lawyer, job interview, etc.)...
The interpreter listens to the speaker who makes pauses; during that time the interpreter interprets to the listener on the basis of the written notes.

Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is intended for a larger group of people and for big meetings, lectures, conferences or congresses. It is translation in real time...
The interpreter listens to the speaker and interprets to the listener. Simultaneous interpreting requires the ability to listen and interpret at the same time. Simultaneous interpreting requires a high level of focus and it is the most demanding manner of translation. The interpreters work in pairs so that they can alternate at shorter time intervals. Simultaneous interpreting requires equipment (microphone and headphones) as well as superior knowledge of a foreign language, especially professional terminology...

Whispered interpreting

Whispered interpreting or chuchotage is used when the translation is needed by a small number of participants, and the majority of participants understands the language...
If you do not understand the speaker, the speech will be quietly interpreted to you into your ear, without interruption. This interpretation is carried out without using any conference devices.

You are suggested to choose the type of interpretation that suits your needs. In order to provide the best possible quality of interpretation, the translator needs to be provided with the basic information about the conversation, participants, topic and the like. Regardless of the situation in which you need a translation, no matter whether we talk about conferences, gatherings, meetings, presentations, talks, interviews or something else, you may need a professional. For quality communication without misunderstandings and ambiguity, you may refer here.

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