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Legal translations refer to the translations of documents regulating legal relations, documents required for the application of various types of international relations and the exchange of information.

In the process of translating legal documents, it is very important to use the content and terms within the legal system that prevails in the country of the origin of the document. It is necessary that the document is adequate from a legal point of view, all in order to achieve a precise and professional result. One of the key steps in providing a legal translation service is information about the very purpose of the translated document.

We all understand the importance of accurate translations of the official documents that have to be presented before the court or in administrative proceedings. As the interpreter, I have already translated numerous land registry excerpts, documents for various tenders, contracts and other documents; this provides additional reliability since as a lawyer and a linguist, I very well understand the subject – matter and its importance.

You may contact me if you are looking for a legal translation service, especially translation of lawsuits and supporting documents, translation for law firms that write and send submissions abroad.

I am a professional translator who has also graduated in law and worked in the system of justice for a full nine years, and I am fully familiar with all legal terminology, which gives the original document additional precision. My specialty is writing or translating lawsuits and submissions from Croatian into English and from English into Croatian for the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, which has been entrusted to me by many law firms.

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