Proofreading and reviewing

Proofreading and reviewing are the important steps before publishing your written content. Such content has to be grammatically, stylistically and orthographically perfect.

If your company already has internally translated texts, they often need additional review for checking grammatical accuracy, the use of the right expressions, terms or translations of idioms. This is very important for the public image of you and the company. This way you will avoid mistranslations, translation errors, ‘false pairs’, spelling, syntax, style and grammar errors.

Proofreading and reviewing lead to a flawless, high quality document

The goal is to ensure the accuracy of the translation by professional and expert approach, regardless of the type of document and its purpose. By proofreading, linguistic and stylistic errors will be corrected, as well as the structure of textual content. In this way, any possibilities of grammatical or spelling errors are minimized. The style of writing, depending on the purpose and type of text, will also be improved.

My services are most commonly used for the purpose of publication of documents, various presentations, articles, and advertising materials. I also do the revision of scientific and research papers.

If you have any doubts or questions or need the service of proofreading and reviewing texts in English and Croatian, feel free to contact me and you will be provided with quality, error-free texts suitable for a particular purpose. This represents another additional reason to gain the trust of readers and potential customers.

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